Berkeley was established under the capital of its directors and private investors to invest in and gain returns from developments in the real estate, hospitality, logistics and technologies sectors.

We work with experts in these sectors to successfully develop assets that deliver long-term, low risk, sustainable returns. Our team will identify assets in real estate or hospitality where they can add value by improving the service offering or through redevelopment of a property to bring in long-term commercial rent agreements or to re-sell the asset within a short time frame.

By reducing the cost of capital to our business we can continue to focus on yield based projects with a lower risk profile.

Unlike dealing in funds or securities, our business model is built around the development and management of tangible assets, a diversified portfolio including real estate projects and SMEs.

Our strategy eliminates most of the risk usually associated with private equity and offers complete transparency; we are proud of our projects and readily share the details of them.

There is no such thing as zero risk, the only way to grow as a business is to assume some risk. However, we take a very cautious approach and we favour projects which are backed by physical assets.

This gives us peace of mind as we always generate yield, even when market conditions are not favourable to asset values.

Our diversified portfolio also means that if one asset class or industry sector is not performing well, we can focus on the better growth opportunities that exist at the time.

Our institutional investors participate in project risk with us, however our retail clients are given a fixed return on a loan and do not participate in any investment risk.

We don’t deal in speculation, but instead offer clients the potential opportunity to build their savings by lending their capital for a fixed rate of interest. This capital will be used to manage tangible assets and to deliver reliable growth year after year.

Unlike many other options in the market, we don’t offer a financial product, but a secure, simple and transparent way of building on your personal wealth. Our products don’t tie you in to long-term contracts with uncertain rates of returns or hidden fees.

This is a mutually beneficial opportunity whereby clients can take advantage of building their savings through short-term to medium-term agreements with Berkeley Assets, and Berkeley Assets can benefit from short-term capital injections to the business, without taking on high-interest loans from banks or similar institutions.

Every six months the interest is paid to an account of your choice, alternatively you can compound your interest to the end of your chosen term.

We are an offshore British-run private equity company established under the capital of partners and private investors. We hold assets in the real estate, hospitality, logistics and technologies sectors in the UK and USA.

You can read more about the partners and senior team here .

Berkeley’s loan opportunities represent a short-term capital raising agreement between Berkeley and individual parties.

As a non-investment product it is not subject to financial regulations, but our contracts are written under the laws of the British Virgin Islands, thereby providing peace of mind to our clients.