Berkeley Assets raises capital from retail and institutional investors across the globe which is utilised for new and existing projects and businesses, predominantly in the UK and the US. Our business has a conservative, asset backed and yield focused strategy which delivers strong and consistent growth year on year with high levels of income and the peace of mind that we own physical assets in the worlds most secure locations.

Every six months the interest is paid to an account of your choice, alternatively you can compound your interest to the end of your chosen term.

We are an offshore British-run private equity firm established under the capital of partners, institutional investors and private investors. We hold assets in the real estate, hospitality, logistics and technologies sectors in the UK and USA and you can view our team here

We are committed to maintaining the highest possible standards across our business and as such, our London office which is responsible for all investment decisions is an appointed representative and thus regulated by the financial conduct authority (FCA). The FCA is widely recognised as one of the strongest regulators in the world and this gives tremendous peace of mind to our clients.

Berkeley’s loan opportunities represent a short to medium-term capital raising agreement between Berkeley Assets and individual parties and is not an investment product. Our loan opportunity is not subject to financial regulations, but our contracts are written under the laws of the British Virgin Islands, thereby providing further peace of mind to our clients.

This is a fixed term contract and we encourage our clients not to overstretch themselves, however we understand that circumstances do change and for this reason we allow early redemption with the following terms: 

  • If access to capital is required in the first half of the term, then clients will receive 75% of their capital placement value. 
  • If access is required in the second half of the term then clients will receive 87.5% of their capital placement value. 
  • Interest paid to the point of redemption is not subject to penalty.

Placing additional capital is a simple process and our Associates and client services teams across the globe can provide assistance with this.

Existing contracts can be increased in value and multiple contracts can be held by individuals. There are no hidden fees or charges on additional capital placements or multiple contracts being held. 

If you are interested in placing further capital, we would advise that you contact a member of the Berkeley Assets team.

We are proud to work with some of the largest charities across the globe and we encourage our clients to join us in our charitable endeavours. Donations can be made as a portion of your initial placement with us and further amounts can be contributed on an ad-hoc basis.

If you are interested in making charitable donations, please contact a member of the global Berkeley Assets team.