A multi-asset investment firm

Berkeley Assets has a long established, proven track record in investing and managing tangible assets.

Our aim is to continue to develop a diversified portfolio of both existing assets and new-to-market concepts and businesses as part of a low-risk, yield-based strategy.

Berkeley Assets develops and operates luxury residential and commercial properties in many of the world’s most vibrant and prestigious cities in the UK and USA. 

Our success is driven by our team’s extensive experience in identifying undervalued assets, which are consequently developed by our in-house design and construction teams. Projects are selected based on an Opportunity Selection Strategy and their ability to deliver above market growth and impressive timeframes, while equity risk is mitigated through an A-rated insurance provider.

We also offer development finance and bridging finance to property developers, benefiting from favourable interest repayment rates, equity or in the case of loan defaults, assuming ownership of assets, in order to assure capital security for our clients.

Berkeley Assets is a leader in innovative, modern hospitality concepts, and is proud to play a continuous role in supporting projects across the globe that deliver both high capital growth and a long-term yield.

This sector offers substantial rewards and our team is highly efficient at analysing market data and emerging trends to identify and add value to established businesses, developing their service offering and increasing revenues, as part of a low-risk strategy.

New market economies and developments in e-commerce are driving global demand for products and services, making this an exciting and promising sector to pursue for growth. 

By investing in more creative business models that offer consistent incomes through demand-driven businesses, our logistics team is successfully delivering above market yields from existing portfolios of logistics assets.

The fastest growing businesses in today’s global economy are those that effectively harness technology to change the way consumers interact with suppliers, retailers and service technology concepts, creating the potential to achieve rapid growth, such as those in the app development industry.

By successfully working with an expert network of financial services partners, we assist in bringing ideas to market and securing high-profit exits from technology start-ups and small-to-medium enterprises. And by maintaining ownership of technology rights until repayment of investment capital, Berkeley Assets mitigate any risk to our clients’ capital.