Capital Sources

Berkeley Assets raises capital in several different ways and we work with institutional and private clients across the globe to support the growth and expansion of our business. For more information on capital raising and how you can work with Berkeley Assets please see below.


Our partners seeded the business with their own personal capital and they continue to inject capital for specific projects and for general purposes when required. The partners brought a wide range of assets to the business to form the initial asset base for the company and this gave the business a solid foundation to build upon.


We regularly raise capital from banks to fund expansion on a medium to long term basis and more commonly to fund specific projects on a short to medium term basis. We work with a portfolio of banks and have access to flexible, low cost lending for most types of projects, particularly when backed by physical assets such as real estate.

Institutional Investors

We have built long term working relationships with institutional investors such as pension funds, family offices, hedge funds and investment banks. These investors work with us to fund specific projects and also participate in joint venture partnerships. In some cases these investors become the end users or purchasers of our projects, particularly in the case of real estate developments where there is a high demand for assets which deliver strong and consistent yields. For more information on how we select institutional partners please contact our operations team using the contact form.

Private Capital

In recent years we have allowed private individuals to place capital with us for fixed rates of return, offering clients a safe and reliable source of income whilst giving us access to low cost capital. For more information on private capital raising please download our brochure and terms.