What’s our value?

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The stereotype of private equity firms is that they strip companies of assets, break them up and sell them. It is true that some firms are opportunistic and prey on vulnerable companies for short term profit but this is not a true reflection of the industry as a whole. 

We’re here to do things differently. We’re passionate about creating positive, successful businesses and transforming assets to realise their true potential.

We believe that private equity can and should be a catalyst for positive change, utilising our significant resources to create opportunities, build businesses and release untapped growth from underperforming assets.

A consistent quality that runs through all of our projects, assets and businesses is value.

We believe that everything we do should create value for investors, for suppliers, for ourselves, and for the end users of our products and services.

Values are like fingerprints.  Nobody’s are the same, but you leave them all over everything you do.
Elvis Presley

Value is the one thing that guarantees a lasting demand and by creating value we can be confident that our business will prosper from real, tangible growth rather than short lived success.

We are a cautious company and we utilise a strategy of investing in businesses that have tangible assets, very much biased towards real estate. We believe in long term growth and consistent, predictable yield and by focusing on yield we can mitigate risk. 

Of course there will always be risks and threats which must be navigated in business, but we know from experience that whilst asset values can fluctuate unexpectedly, yield can be persistent and reliable, guaranteeing income throughout market cycles and enduring economic twists and turns.

Despite our cautious approach, we constantly strive for innovation and in many ways it is easy to innovate in traditional sectors such as real estate, where people rely on old methods and strategies. 

Our real estate development team has delivered some market leading projects and has adapted to changes in the market by moving away from traditional trophy assets in prime central London and focussing on affordable housing in other cities across England. 

This has secured our primary goal of higher yields, despite falling asset values in the higher value sector of the market and we are now delivering innovative housing projects which are often sold to institutional investors before the foundations have been laid, such is the demand for yield and reputation of our team.