Our Firm

With over 15 years of experience under our belt, we are an established private equity firm with a strong, diversified portfolio that boasts over 190 projects and developments over this period. With a proven track record in managing tangible assets and sourcing innovative opportunities, our aim is to bring new-to-market concepts to the table for our clients. Our team is made up of strategic thinkers and sharp specialists that always challenge the status quo. Our entrepreneurial heritage is the driving force of Berkeley Assets, helping us identify exemplary opportunities across the globe.

As innovators in our field, we firmly believe in the importance of using technology to our advantage, which is why we recently consolidated our global offices across Europe, South America, and Asia and now operate solely from our hubs in Dubai, London, and BVI. We are a fully digitized, one-stop-shop for your capital.

Offering an impressive digital landscape including innovative strategies, online platforms, and tokenized assets, we are giving the power back to you as our client so you can browse opportunities, place capital, and track your portfolio returns online from start to finish. We also use Virtual Reality technology to bring to life business models so you can visualize potential assets. This will give you the ability to navigate your way through a project, enabling you to see the ‘bigger picture’ and immerse yourself both physically and mentally. Welcome to a new era of growth.