Some of our happy customers

I am very happy with what Berkeley Assets had to offer. I had been looking for some time for a way to grow capital safely in order to be able to plan towards the future – the solution they provided was simple and effective.

Federico D
IT Director

Trust and confidence in an institution, especially when you are asking them to look after and “grow” your capital, is a golden key to future prosperity. After several unfortunate false starts with other institutions, I came across Berkeley Assets quite by chance. Approaching with a ‘bruised’ confidence I was gratified to be handled with transparency and an openness to answer all my questions. Ongoing contact with representatives has also been very reassuring coupled with a friendly efficiency and timeliness. Having my assets with them in very tangible sources has also boosted confidence in this institution. I wholeheartedly recommend Berkeley Assets especially if you are looking for a relatively stress free way for asset management.

Anthony P
Business Owner

I placed capital in Berkeley Assets, after I was recommended to use them from a close friend. Of course, at first I was rather wary and I questioned a lot of things but I must say the Associate, who deals with my placement, gave me a very comprehensive view of my placements. He understands the anxieties that arise and at each meeting, he managed to reassure me so that I would leave feeling positive about the future. He also provided me with a fantastic picture of what income I would have on. He was available to meet whenever. Nearly a year on, I already am benefiting from my placement and am extremely glad I chose to trust Berkeley Assets.

Estelle M
Hospitality Manager

I have placed capital with Berkeley Assets because of their balanced profile and the great customer care and relationship they foster through their team. They take care of and foster an ongoing relationship with their clients. I also like that their senior management are very visible and hands on in the business. I look forward to further capital placements with them in future and thoroughly recommend them to others.

Mark C
VP of Operations

For a short term (2 years), a fair return (4%), and zero risk, Berkeley has been a cut above any other financial assets agency, brokers, or institutions I’ve dealt with around the region over the last decade. The Dubai-based team has delivered at every turn, keeping a quick-response line open throughout the process.

Ross G

I have been saving money for 20 years. Although I was putting my money into saving plans with renowned insurance companies, I never made any money, even lost some, as the local brokers I used were bad or did not care. Since I have been with the private equity firm Berkeley Assets, I have made a considerable amount of money through my fixed income arrangement, while keeping it low risk, as this money is my pension plan.

Annick A

I must admit, since I started with Berkeley Assets a few years ago, I am actually making a very decent return on my investment. I am not a 100 words kind of guy, but, you guys are good and professional, and not to mention "not being intrusive" works well in my books.

General Manager