What’s the big deal about tangible assets?

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Choosing where to invest your money can be a daunting task and in today’s climate, we are faced with a multitude of options.  Stocks, shares, funds, trusts, OEICs, forex, and asset management present so many choices and all have different benefits, yields and risks.

For those who wish to invest capital over five to 10 year periods, one of the most reliable options is to opt for investments built around tangible assets.  This can offer above inflation growth on your capital, with the backing of a proven track record and a stable, yield-based investment strategy.  The investor can avoid any equity market risk, while maintaining higher levels of interest than they may be able to achieve from a savings account.

When fixed income solutions are focused on realistic interest rates, which are consistently achievable even in very challenging economic conditions, you can guarantee a worry-free alternative to market dependent, higher risk strategies for the investor.  Capital is protected and not subject to risk, so it becomes a much more preferable option.

So why don’t more people go for this option?  

We’ve seen that clients want something that is safer, more secure and lower risk.  There is too much uncertainty in funds and people have become fed up placing capital in options which are subject to market conditions, fluctuations and risk.  

Let’s face it, most people don’t really understand funds but consumers generally are becoming more savvy and trying to find other ways of investing while keeping some control.

To us, tangible assets make tangible sense.